The Renaissance Group (TRG International)

is an international organization founded in June of 2006 in Johannesburg, South Africa by a group of inspired and motivated young adults. Since its inception, TRG has worked to advance the cause of equality for South Africans, strengthen their community organization, and foster the next generation of advocates who will perpetuate a better society for all. Through explorations of history, community building, skill building, leadership development, and improvement of educational opportunities, The Renaissance Group seeks to engender groups of students who are empowered in ways that lead toward self-sufficiency and enable self-determination.

Our Vision

Our goal is simple: to lift as we climb, to give back to the under-served and equip them with solid foundations on which to build their own futures

Our Mission

To provide sustainable solutions to young people, enabling them to become healthy, educated, and financially independent global leaders.

The TRG Difference: Volunteers Only

TRG is purposefully an “all volunteer” organization.  Our team believes that the skills we use in our daily professions make our experiences more relevant to the communities we serve in South Africa and the United States.  Because we do not receive salaries, our team has an unwavering and personal commitment to TRG International. Financially, this also means every dollar stretches further because 100% of the proceeds from donations and fundraisers are used to provide direct support to our programs and initiatives.  

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