The Renaissance Group International (TRG)

The impetus for TRG International began when Dr. Angela Conti accepted the invitation to go to South Africa  with Bishop, Gregory L. Dixon.  Bishop Dixon saw the fertile minds of the youth in South Africa as a rich opportunity to transform the young post-aparteid era. In 2006, a group of young adults who were affiliated with the Taylor Michael Scholarship program, traveled to South Africa.  The group was hosted by Dr. Angela Conti, a program leader for TMS who by then was living in South Africa and working as an educational consultant.  During the trip, the group toured the country and were impacted by what they saw: a generation of youth trying to find their identity to lead their country after the end of the divisive apartheid regime.


Dr. Conti delivered a guest sermon to the youth in KwaZulu-Natal during her first visit.  In that speech she captured the sentiment of the generation, stating “The Revolution is over….It’s time for a Renaissance.”  She then issued a charge:


         I challenge you to acquire a Renaissance mentality. We need young people with hearts and minds that have not lived under the gory memories and flashbacks of war. This world needs a new generation who is ready to go to the next dimension with the flow and float in the direction of the current. But it takes a strong individual to swim against the raging billows of the storm.


Upon returning to the USA, Tammeca Rochester, one of the young adults on the trip, and Angela Conti founded a non-profit organization named TRG International in response to the need they saw in South Africa to cultivate young leaders. TRG stands for The Renaissance Group. The vision, captured in the tag line “hope and a future”, is to equip underserved populations with the solid foundation of skill and leadership on which they can build their futures.  TRG is a registered non-profit in the United States of America and the Republic of South Africa.  The name and tag line pay homage to the movement that began during that trip.  


Years later, TRG continues to grow.