Our Mission

To ensure that no student is denied the opportunity to pursue a quality education because of the inability to afford a school uniform.

Community Need

TRG works at Inanda Newtown Comprehensive High School, a school serving the low-income Inanda Newtown C and Bhambayi townships in the informal settlements outside of Durban, South Africa.  Most families live in extreme poverty–without sanitation or stable sources of income, food, housing, or sanitation.  For orphans, the otherwise difficult circumstances are dire.

Uniform Project (2006 – Present)

We believe children deserve the right to an education regardless of their socio-economic background. TRG developed the Uniform Project to close the achievement gap caused by the discriminatory apartheid economic policies by providing mandatory school uniforms to the TRG Global Ambassadors–orphan students who cannot otherwise afford them.  Providing free uniforms has had the immediate impact of increased attendance, confidence, and classroom participation for recipients.

Help A Student In Need