The Samkelo Kheswa Annual Leadership Conference is a yearly meeting of TRG Global Ambassadors, Executive Team, alumni and international volunteers. Each year has a theme that describes the goal for the year and outlines the lesson of the workshops.

Students, known as “learners” in South Africa, spend 3 days at the conference each year participating in a cross cultural exchange, a group project, competitive activities and team skill building activities. The conference serves as a bookend of one year and kickstart to the next.

Samkelo  Kheswa

The conference is named for Samkelo  Kheswa, a grade 11 student who was part of the Global Ambassadors program. He was an active TRG member and embodied the spirit of entrepreneurship and service. Our community was devastated when he died in an automobile accident on March 8, 2014. With this conference, his legacy lives on with each student who participates.